Martins Garage offer a wide range of essential services at affordable prices. Whether you need to your hydraulics checked or simple check up, we are on hand to help. Our friendly and professional engineers are highly experienced and provide advice on all aspects of your vehicle's health. Check our services.

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Here at Martins Garage, we specialise in Car Servicing, Pre-Mot Test and Car Repairs. We aim to provide a high quality service at affordable prices to get you back on the road. We are an independent garage located near Duke Street in Dennistoun, Glasgow, with over 15 years experience within the motor industry.We believe in integrity and honesty thats why we investigate in detail, every service is dealt with in an open, honest and reliable manner to ensure you get the best service from us. With our Car Repairs service we don’t just replace parts we go further to see why the fault was caused in the first instance. We boast the most up to date equipment, which you can be sure, will rectify any mechanical and electrical fault. We have the latest diagnostic equipment on site, to enable us to service and repair even the very newest of cars.We use quality parts during all Car Servicing so that you can be assured that our Car Servicing is covered by our 12 months warranty

Martins Garage aims to give you that personal touch, which you will not receive anywhere else. Our Pre-Mot Test and Car Repairs aim is to get you back on the road, as quickly and with the least inconvenience to you and your lifestyle. You can be sure we will aim to eradicate the fault at the root, which means you can have peace of mind when on the road.

What makes a visit to our garage a memorable experience?
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff
• Practical and honest advice
• Excellent quality workmanship
• Same day servicing


Alloy wheel locking nut removal

Being in the trade for over 10 year I've seen many customers come to me with the same problem of not being able to remove there wheels or have repairs carried out to there car due to losing or breaking there locking key! On older cars this wasn't such a issue due to the design of the nuts and the alloys as you had plenty access to enable you to remove the locking nuts using different methods,but more modern cars have very limited or no access to allow the removal of the locking nuts due to modern design alloys and hardened steel locking nuts!

This is no longer a problem with our new innovation in wheel nut removal!


Suspension systems are often thought of as doing nothing more than adding to the comfort of your journey. But they contribute an awful lot more. They also dramatically affect your car's handling and braking, not to mention reducing road noise and protecting the car's frame from damage and wear.


If you've heard a grinding noise when applying the brakes your pads could be excessively worn and needing to be replaced along with potentially damaged discs. If you pull to one side when braking, this usually means a sticking or seized mechanical or hydraulic component. If your pedal feels spongy there could be air in the hydraulic system due to a brake fluid leak. If it pulsates you could have a distorted brake disc or drum.


We offer a range of high quality new clutches from leading clutch manufacturers. WE DUO ARE qualified technicians so this often complex task that involves extensive stripping down of engine and gear box components is carried out by a competent person. At Martins Garage our specialist will provide you with a free clutch check and/or help to arrange vehicle recovery if your car is broken down.


Although there are no moving parts in an exhaust system, its function means that it is one of the hardest working components of a car. Effects of rust and corrosion by toxic wastes attack the metals of the system leading to noisy and dangerous failures. A noisy exhaust is illegal and can lead to a fine. We offer exhaust replacement services or full or part systems for every make or model.

Engine repairs

The new workshop gives us the space and the machinery to now do all your engine repairs. With our existing staff and the new machinery and extra space we will be able to work more efficiently on your vehicle be it a van or car and get you back on the road even more quickly.

Timing Belt

This is a vital requirement on most vehicles at manufacturer recommended mileages. If the cam belt is not replaced at the set intervals it could break and then most often causes expensive damage to the engine. This can be a complex job that requires skill and specialist knowledge and technical information, all of which is available from Martins Garage.


We are now equipped with a best diagnostic fault finding machine, suitable for most vehicles. You no longer have to take your car to a main dealer to have it checked when a fault light appears on your dash. Service lights reset and abs faults checked. We are fully trained in diagnostic faultfinding and repair on most vehicle electronic systems. These include; Engine, ABS, brakes, ENGINE Management, Service light, SRS Airbag systems.

Welding to MOT standards

When your vehicle is tested, the MOT looks at some important items to see if it meets the legal requirements. You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle. Specialised in PRE-MOT Tests from start to finish and we take care of the whole process getting you great saving on all vehicle Mot Tests without compromising the quality of parts used or workmanship.


We pride ourselves on providing you with a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining a high quality of work. You can be assured that with over 15 years' experience in the tyre trade, you will get the best possible service we can offer.

Our products and services include:
• New Branded & Budget Tyres
• Winter Tyres / 2nd Hand Tyres
• Car Service / Batteries
• Puncture Repairs / Wheel Balancing

UK law insists your car must be fitted with the correct tyre for the vehicle you own - and that they are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressures. The tread depth must be a minimum of 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre. The worse your tyres are, the more at risk you could be from them failing you at a crucial moment and either causing or contributing to an accident.

Obviously we desperately want to help you avoid this situation, but we also want to save you money and points on your licence too. Remember - for each illegal tyre you're discovered to have you could be fined up to £2,500 and have up to 3 penalty points put on your licence. Your insurance is also invalid if you have an accident when driving on illegal tyres.

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